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How custom scrunchies are made and used for different hairstyles?

by Ivan

The customer scrunchies are very suitable for you when you need to tie your hair in a very modern look. These scrunches can be made according to your choice and give a new look to your hair. With scrunches, your hair can look thinker as well. It can be used for thinner and for short hairs as well.

How custom scrunches are made?

The making of scrunchies is straightforward. The size of the scrunches differs from hair to hair. Smaller scrunches are available for thin hair, and for long and thick hair, you will find any design of the large scrunchies. It can be used for styling your hair in different and modern designs. You can make this hair band at home with the help of some safety pins, elastic, silk or velvet fabric, thread, a sewing needle, and a machine. Following is the step-by-step guide to making scrunchies at home;

  • Cut the fabric and elastic according to your choice
  • Now you need to fold or bend the fabric in half and gently sew the horizontal size of the material.
  • Now sew the ends, which are short in length, and insert an elastic in the
  • It’s time to sew the stretchy fabric together
  • Now upside down the scrunchies.

Scrunchies: An addition to your look and hairstyle:

The custom scrunchies are a style of the 80s and 90s, but it is revving now due to their evergreen modern look to women’s hair. The scrunches are typically made with different fabrics. The fabric can be any silk or smooth velvet, and this fabric gives grace to the scrunches. The elastic hairband is commonly used inside the scrunches, and the silk or velvet fabric is sewn around the hairband. The scrunchies will help you tie your hair very tight and not give a loose look to your hairstyle.

Different hairstyles with the help of custom scrunchies:

The scrunches are now the trending item or accessories of modern times. It is used to style your hair in various designs. The scrunchies are not only for hair, but you can use them to wear on your wrist as a bracelet. It can be used to make a bun in your hair and give a graceful look to you, and you can style it with a ponytail. The hair tie with the scrunches does not lose the hair for even a whole day, and you can easily do your chores or enjoy your gathering.


The custom scrunchies are a revived style of the most elegant looks of the 80s and 90s. It is now the most demanding accessory of modern women. You can use it to tie your hair without losing or discomfort; it is easy for you. You can do your everyday chores by tightly tied hair in a scrunchy.in school or college students, it is trending because of its usage as a bracelet or wristband. You can see more about the scrunchies on Alibaba official page.

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