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Secrets for Buying the Best Garden Hose Reels

by Ivan

When it comes to gardening, having a quality hose is essential. Hoses are the lifeline for any gardener or home owner, who intends to use a hose to water their plants, wash their cars, and perform other duties around the yard. A good garden hose will not only help you save time and effort but also give you peace of mind knowing that your hose gives you reliable and dependable service as well. It doesn’t matter if your landscaping needs are basic or extensive – a good garden hose will be able to meet any and all of your needs. If you need some additional assistance in deciding which is the high-quality garden hose reel for you, keep reading our article today!

What to consider when buying a hose reel?

Nothing is more annoying than a busted hose. Luckily, there are plenty of hose reels available on the market today, which will keep your hose safe and secure, either while in storage or while being used. Things that you should think about when buying a hose reel include:


A hose reel is usually made of metal, but it is not always the case. There are also hose reels that are made of plastic, and there is also a hose reel made of aluminum. While there is a lot of debate on which is the better material, there is one thing that everyone agrees on, and that is the fact that there is no perfect material when it comes to gardening hoses. You’re going to need to make sure that you pick a hose reel that has a material that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

Handle and Brakes

When it comes to the handle of a hose reel, it is important to pick a hose reel that has a comfortable grip. Sometimes, especially when you have a long hose in your hands, it is going to be easy for your hands to feel a bit numb, especially if you’ve been using the hose for a while. One way to prevent that from happening is to pick a hose reel that has a rubber grip handle. Another thing that you should keep in mind when picking a handle and brakes is to make sure that they work well together. If they don’t work well together, then there is a high chance that your hose will get damaged because the hose reel will unwind.

Hose capacity

A wall-mounted hose reel will often have a higher hose capacity than a hand-held model. This is because wall-mounted hose reels tend to be larger and have more space to store a longer hose.

Hose length

The average garden hose is around 50 feet in length. If you have a small yard or live in an apartment, a shorter hose might suffice. For those with larger yards or who need to reach further distances, a longer hose would be the better option.

Retractable or non-retractable

This is entirely up to personal preference. Some people prefer the convenience of a retractable hose reel, while others find that non-retractable models are just as effective.


Gardening is a great activity to keep your mind and body active and healthy. However, with the demanding gardening requirements, such as heavy duty hoses, unpredictable weather, and difficult terrain, it can be challenging to keep it up. With the right gardening equipment, you can easily get the job done and make your outdoor space as beautiful and functional as possible. A quality hose reel will save you time and effort and also give you peace of mind knowing that your hose gives you reliable and dependable service as well.

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